"Rolling Thunder"

Ref: SWA-SB35

by Stephen Brown

Primary Edition of 95 Prints

Overall print size: approx: 37in x 17in / 94 x 43cm

All editions are signed and numbered by the artist

Avro Vulcan XH558 with other aircraft of 27 Squadron at RAF Scampton
during the late 1970s. The concept of a long range bomber capable of delivering a nuclear payload was formulated in the late 1940s as the growing threat of the Soviet Union became apparent. The contract was won by A V Roe and Company and under the leadership of Chief Designer Roy Chadwick the Avro Vulcan was born. The Vulcan formed the backbone of Britain’s nuclear deterrent throughout the Cold War years and continued to play an important role in the country’s defences right up until its retirement from service in 1984.