"Concorde - Cloud Companions"

Ref: SWA-SB22

by Stephen Brown

Overall Print Size: 20 in x 28in

Limited Edition of 250

Signed by five Concorde Pilots

Each copy of this edition is signed by Chief Concorde Pilot Captain Mike Bannister

It is December 1985 and four Concordes are brought together for a unique event to celebrate 10 years of Concorde passenger services, British Airways organised a special formation flight. Taking off from Heathrow in turn, the four Concordes proceed to assemble in a number of different formations whilst doing a circuit of the south coast of England.

The flight leader is Captain Brian Walpole piloting G-BOAA. The other aircraft were piloted by Captain John Eames (G-BOAC), Captain John Cook (G-BOAF) and Captain David Leney (G-BOAG)