"Channel Dash Heroes"

Ref: SWA-PW107

by Philip E West

Image Size: 19½ x 26in/ 49cms x 66cms

Limited Edition of 100 prints

The Straits of Dover, 12th February 1942. Sub Lieutenant Edgar Lee helps his badly wounded pilot, Sub Lieutenant Brian Rose from the cockpit of their downed Swordfish, before it sinks into the depths of the English Channel following their brave attack on the mighty German fleet. Six Royal Navy Swordfish aircraft manned by 18 aircrew attacked the German warships Scharnhorst, Gneisenau and Prinz Eugen, with their accompanying flotilla of destroyers and motor torpedo boats and top cover provided by deadly fighter aircraft of the Luftwaffe. But only five Swordfish crew survived.

All the prints are personally signed by Lt. Cdr. Edgar Lee DSO