"Evening Glory"

Ref: SWA-PW03

by Philip E. West

Limited Edition of 100

Approx. overall print size 16½ in x 26½ in / 420cms x 67cms

Battle of Britain 1940

Without doubt the most famous British fighter aircraft. It always inspired devotion from pilots and mechanics alike to this very day. Flight Lt. Geoff Wellum in his 92 Sqn. Spitfire, during an all-too rare quiet moment, one evening during the summer of 1940 - the height of the Battle of Britain.

The aircraft that inspired devotion from pilots and mechanics alike, and such statements as “she really was the perfect flying machine; she hadn’t got a vice at all”, was also admired by those on the ground. In propaganda posters and illustrations, the Spitfire represented Britain’s defiance and commitment to ultimate victory.