"The Cold Front"

Ref: NT004

by Nicolas Trudgian

Image Size: 25in x 17 in

Overall Size: 35in x 23 in

Edition Size: 300

SIGNED by three JG54 Pilots

In this superb painting, set during the bitter Russian winter of 1943/44,

Panthers of 1st S.S. Pz. Rgt. move forward to engage Soviet armour, passing

a Tiger of the 13th Heavy Tank Company. Overhead, Fw190As of Hptm Erich

Rudorffer's II/JG54 lend support by hunting for Soviet ground attack

aircraft ahead of the Panzer spearhead.

The Signatories:

JG54 pilots:

Hans-Ekkehard Bob K.C.

Hugo Broch K.C.

Erich Rudorffer K.C.O.S.


Nine Signature Edition signed additionally by six SS Tank Commanders at GBP325 each. Contact us for details