"Fire & Brimstone"

Ref: JB01

by James Baldwin

Limited Edition Print of 500

Sise 22in x 16in

This Limited Edition Print from an original aviation art pencil drawing by James Baldwin is of a Tornado GR4A of number 14 Squadron, RAF, flying over RAF Spadeadam in north west England. 'Fire and Brimstone' is an apt name for this original commission by the RAF station as the Tornado, in afterburner, is carrying an array of the new Brimstone missile.

The Tornado GR4 has probably been one of the most successful offensive ground attack aircraft of modern times. Currently in service with the Royal Air Force as well as the German, Italian and Royal Saudi air forces it was designed as a multi-role combat aircraft during the Cold War. With the RAF, the Tornado has been on continuous combat duty since beginning of the Gulf War in 1991. The Tornado provided vital reconnaissance and offensive support to the No Fly Zone operations over Iraq between 1991 and 2003, and was often described by Coalition commanders as 'the platform (or weapon) of choice'. It was that capable. During the period the Tornado also saw action over the Former Republic of Yugoslavia during the Kosovo conflict and, since 2003 has been on continuous operations in the Middle East.