"Oakamoor Railway Station"

Ref: DW005

by Debra Wagner

print in cream mount, 11 x 14 inches

Oakamoor Station was of the 'Tudor Style', built in ashlar sandstone. The station opened in September 1849 and was closed to goods and passengers by January 1965. Sadly the buildings were demolished in 1970, and have never been rebuilt, the track bed lies empty and overgrown. Hence, I have used artistic license to rebuild this station, if only on canvas, and I have tried to include distinctive features such as the old gas lanterns and enamel advertising signs that were at so many railway stations.

In its day Oakamoor Station served an important role in industry in the area. The original wing line at Oakamoor served the Cheadle Copper and Brass Works, (after 1851, the works were owned and traded as Thomas Bolton and Son). The last days of Boltons Copper Works were in 1962, and the rail service was no longer needed after that date.

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