"Timing is Everything"

Ref: DB33LE

by Dru Blair

22in x 30in Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Print of 950 copies

In a pilot’s life there is said be a defining moment where the culmination of events inspire and foster the desire to fly. Usually the interest stems from childhood, and this F-111 depiction by Dru Blair makes no exception.

Set against a beautiful lake, a group of Cub Scouts bears witness to an awe inspiring event that will be remembered and cherished for the rest of their lives: a low level pass by an F-111. Lasting but an instant, the passage of the great jet leaves in its wake a permanent inspiring image, and plants the seed of a life-long love of aviation. Deemed "Aardvark" due to its prominent proboscis, the F-111 remains one of the most capable, if controversal aircraft in aviation history. Brutally fast, the F-111 pioneered the advent of low-level penetration at high speeds during the Vietnam war. Although the US Airforce recently retired the F-111, the Australian Air Force still operates and maintains the aircraft.