"Pillar of Hercules"

Ref: DB14

by Dru Blair

17in x 30in Limited Edition S/N Print

From Vietnam to Bosnia, and (innumerable) places inbetween, the sight of the ungainly Lockheed C-130 Hercules has cheered the hearts of countless people in desperate situations, who only moments before were completely without hope. Like it’s mythological namesake, the Hercules has proven itself through seemingly impossible feats of strength and endurance, making it a true modern-day legend.

“I really can’t say enough about this amazing aircraft. If there were ever a perfectly named airplane, it would be the Hercules: it seems be without bounds in it’s strength, endurance or ability to deal with any situation.. It’s a curious question as to whether the crew makes the aircraft a hero, or the aircraft makes the crew heroes. I think perhaps both." Dru Blair -Nov 1998

Pillar of Hercules is limited to 950 Signed and Numbered high quality Lithographs. Reproduced on 100 lb. Archival Stock. Each print is signed, numbered and inspected by the artist to ensure quality and color consistency