"Enter the B1-B"

Ref: DB08LE

by Dru Blair

14in x 30in Limited Edition S/N Print of 950 copies

In "Enter the B-1B," the sister print to "Procession of Power," the B-1Bs powerful engines dominate her graceful lines in this aft view. Even at idle, her engines shake the earth, as she slowly lumbers down the taxi way. This bone rattling scenario is not unlike a top fuel dragster at the starting line, poised to release its enormous energy potential. "…the B-1B is and continues to be my favorite subject: an uncompromised blend of beauty and destructive capacity…" Dru Blair

"Enter the B-1B" is limited to 950 Signed and Numbered high quality Lithographs. Reproduced on Museum Quality Archival Stock, each print is signed, numbered and inspected by the artist to ensure quality and color consistency