"The Starlifters"

Ref: DB05

by Dru Blair

15in x 39in Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Print of 950 copies

Considered by many to be the finest heavy airlifters in the history of the world, a pair of C-141 Starlifters are displayed in striking repose as the crews prepare to launch yet another mission.

Beginning operations in the mid 60’s, the Starlifter has proven its worthiness time and time again in several theaters including Vietnam, Panama, the Gulf War, and Yugoslavia. It has tirelessly performed its mission role as a long-range, high speed, heavy logistic transport moving a maximum amount of materials in the shortest time possible. Whether carrying troops, equipment and supplies, returning patients to U.S. hospitals or providing battalion sized airdrops, the superb performance of this aircraft and its ability to make rapid long distance flights at little notice, is underscored by its record of dependability and endurance.

Sadly, the C-141B is scheduled to be phased out by the new McDonnell/Douglas C-17 Globemaster III, and is to be fully out of commission sometime around the year 2002. Drawdowns and organizational restructuring have already begun at the eight remaining C-141B bases nationwide. This painting pays tribute to the memory of the C-141, and to the men and women who served aboard her.

"The Starlifters" is carefully reproduced on 100 lb. Archival Stock, each print is individually signed, numbered and inspected by the artist for color consistency and accuracy and is limited to 950 signed and numbered lithographs