Ref: DB04

by Dru Blair

This is an artist-signed edition, overall Size - 23" x 29".

The combat effectiveness of the AH-64 Apache was proven beyond any doubt by the swift devastation of the Iraqi army in "Operation Desert Storm." It also revealed a distinct shift in battlefield reality: the total supremacy of the helicopter over armored ground forces.

In "Hellstorm", by Dru Blair, the sudden flash of the lethal hellfire missile illuminates the hidden form of an AH-64 Apache as it unleashes a rain of destruction deep behind the lines of the Iraqi forces. A superior night-fighter, the Apache is regarded as the world’s best attack hellicopter, and armed with the Hellfire missile, can defeat any known armor. Hellstorm depicts an actual engagement during "Operation Desert Storm," and is accurate down to the track patterns in the sand. A distant tank battle illuminates the horizon, and the remains of a ZSU and Soviet T-72 in their revetments serve witness to a previous encounter with this Apache.

The second release in Dru Blair’s Army Aviation Art Series, Hellstorm is reproduced on Acid Free Museum Quality Archival Stock, and each lithograph is individually inspected and signed by the artist.

The original "Hellstorm" hangs at the War College, Washington, DC.

In this picture, Dru Blair shows an actual engagement which took place during Operation Desert Storm and is exact even to the sand's track patterns. The horizon is lit up by a distant tank fight and the smouldering remains of a ZSU and Soviet T-72 bear the scars of an earlier battle with an Apache.

The Apache is regarded as one of the world's best helicopters. It is an advanced night fighter and when combined with Hellfire missiles, can defeat any types of armour.

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